Training & Staffing

CEIBA's Professional Staffing Services, delivered through its Global Resources, assists organizations in sourcing, recruiting, and managing their most valuable asset - human resources. We have a lot of experience finding teams for our clients. This allows a client to rely on a single source for resources while also giving us the edge needed to ensure that team dynamics work to the client's advantage in terms of both quality and cost. The management team has tried and successfully implemented such models on numerous occasions around the world for clients with varying objectives and cultures.


Cost Savings

Working with a staffing firm provides qualified candidates while reducing the risk of a "bad hire," which can result in significant long-term savings.

Increased New Hire Productivity

CEIBA's ability to provide fully screened, qualified personnel allows for faster hiring. Furthermore, while company-specific processes must still be learned, these experienced contract IT employees will enter the firm ahead of the competition.

Lower Hiring Risk

A bad hire not only costs money, but also time spent on training a new employee. By hiring a CEIBA employee, you can benefit from their technical expertise and market knowledge.

Training & Staffing Consulting

Develop and Strengthen Leadership

CEIBA's Training & Staffing Consulting offers the opportunity to learn from internal and external mentors, who teach tried-and-true skills and processes for tapping into and strengthening leadership ability.

Increased Productivity

We are committed to providing training services to assist organizations in increasing productivity through better utilization of human capital and enabling client companies to achieve true competitive advantages.

Tailored to your Needs

We design the staffing programs by carefully considering each and every aspect of the client's business and tailoring solutions accordingly.

Skill Developing Methodology

Skill development based on tried-and-true management theories We create Training Programs, processes, and systems that fit into the organizational culture and meet their needs.

Save Time and Cost

Training new hires can be costly and time-consuming for businesses, which is why CEIBA's training and staffing consulting can help you manage your time and resources wisely.

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